Uptower Interactive

Let’s connect you with your customer.

After just one session, you’ll feel more in control of marketing your business.


Discovery Call

Whether you know what services you need or are still figuring out how to address your online promotion problem, we can talk about it and find a way forward that could be for you to DIY or done for you.

Launch Plan

You have built your product and now you need to offer it to people who need and want it — but how? I will help you reach and put your product in front of your target audience.


You already have some promotion tactics in place but have reached a plateau. Let’s uncover what’s next to grow your business.

Tools Guidance

Not sure which software or service to get to address a need? There are so many considerations to factor in such as price, reliability, and your specific needs. We’ll help you decide.

Marketing Technology Implementation

Need to implement a new marketing tool and feeling stuck? Let’s get you sorted so you can focus on your business.

Your Techie Friend

Stuck figuring out a tech issue? If you don’t have a “tech support hotline” to call, let us be yours.

Let’s Talk

Your first consultation is free.